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Business Intelligence

BI360 is a complete Business Intelligence suite offering a wide range of reports and views to empower you with analytics critical to timely and efficient decision-making.


BI360 provides a complete Excel or web-based suite with mobile apps, comprised of Reporting, Budgeting, Dashboard modules and a pre-configured Data Warehouse. The Reporting, Planning and Dashboard modules can both run live on a number of different ERP systems as well as off the BI360 Data Warehouse.

Key Features

  • Three types of Input Sheet methods: standard BI360 templates, customize standard BI360 templates, or Excelbased input forms

  • Budget input templates for profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow, payroll, capital expenses, revenues, projects and more

  • Pre-defined/User-defined input templates for monthly forecasting and modeling

  • Support mult-year budgets and rolling forecasts

  • Consolidation tool for ERP system allows for robust financial consolidations, inter-company eliminations, and multicurrency consolidations

  • Support presentation of simultaneous financial statements and reports under IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)

  • Simple and advanced multi-step allocations

Business Benefits

  • Flexible and powerful access from anywhere with internet connection

  • Conveniently visualize trends, identify issues and ultimately drive success

  • Able to access, manage, and analyze company data from anywhere, resulting in better collaboration and performance

  • User-friendliness makes work more easy

  • Quick access to data and analysis reports makes it possible for you to plan or adapt to market situation in order to meet your goal.

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