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K-Consignment is software designed to support consignment goods. It allows seamless integration with SAP Business One, helping consignors to successfully streamline their business process.


K-Consignment is a solution specifically designed for consignors. Realizing the complexity of data management in their businesses such as calculation of consignment fee, administration fee, balance of unsold goods on consignment, document management and repetitious work, we have created K-Consignment to solve all these concerns which cannot be supported by standard ERP alone. K-Consignment allows full integration with SAP Business One to facilitate consignors’ document management work and enhance their operational efficiency.

Key Features

  • Support management of own warehouse and consignment warehouse

  • Transfer consignment order data to ERP/SAP Business One to record sales order automatically

  • Transfer records of delivery to consignment facility to A/R Invoice – Consignment automatically to prepare a tax invoice

  • Automatically calculate and record consignment fees based on the settings for Sales Invoice – Consignment

  • Send consignment invoice data to ERP-SAP Business One automatically

  • Record daily sales by product or delivery document

  • Promotion data can be recorded in daily sales transaction

  • Support return of consignment goods and transfer of the data to ERP-SAP Business One

  • Support data input via barcode

  • Able to set up account code for transactions related to sales of consignment goods

  • Use the same set of master data as ERP -SAP Business One

Business Benefits

  • Help control and maintain inventory at an appropriate level

  • Easy to reconcile sales data as well as manage consignment fee and administration fee

  • Reduce redundancy in work process with an integrated solution

  • Know actual sales, easing the cash flow management

  • Reports with different views provided, enabling better planning and forecast

  • Access to accurate inventory quantity, better control of sales and receivables provide a good basis to improve your sales opportunity

If you are looking for a system to assist you in managing consignment inventory and sales, please contact us to schedule a demo or request for more information by