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K-Mobile is the solution that provides mobility and convenience in managing goods receiving, dispatch, transfer and stock count as it can be applied with mobile barcode reader.


K-Mobile is designed specifically to record stock movement by using mobile barcode reader or NFC reader. With this, the inventory movement will be automatically transferred to SAP Business One (SBO).

Key Features

  • K-Mobile supports the following transactions:

    • Receiving of purchase goods using SAP Business One’s PO number (automatic)

    • Goods dispatch using SAP Business One’s Sale Order (automatic)

    • Inventory transfer using SAP Business One’s transfer request document (automatic)

    • Inter-warehouse transfer

    • Other goods receiving/dispatch transactions

    • Stock count

  • Support items/products with batch or serial control

  • Support receiving/dispatch by using barcode, either single item or user-input quantity

Business Benefits

  • Reduce errors in receiving/dispatch records

  • Stock movement data are processed more quickly, resulting in increased efficiency of related tasks

  • More convenient as receiving and dispatch can be recorded at the receiving/dispatch point

  • Prevent loss/damage to goods during the count as moving of the inventory is not necessary

  • Reduce storage space and resource as lesser area and personnel are required for product handling

If you are looking for efficiency in managing goods receiving/dispatch, K-Mobile is the integrated solution we recommend. Please call us to schedule a demo or request for more information by