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Warehouse Management

Kasco WMS is a warehouse management software that helps you accurately manage factory inventory and distribution center.


Kasco WMS is an end to end warehouse management system which supports barcode use. Kasco WMS solution coverage includes in-stock movement process such as stock receiving, storage, transfer, pick, pack and dispatch, stock count, and reporting. It supports multi-warehouse and is able to generate over 100 types of reports. The solution is suitable for many types of warehouses including factory warehouse, cold storage warehouse, distribution center, etc.

be.as manufacturing is developed by beas Group AG, Germany to support small and midsize businesses. It provides not only fast and easy access to all business information but also the additional reports and documents that are required for decision making in all divisions of your company like sales and distribution, purchase accounting, production etc. Be.as supplements modularly for your manufacturing management and cost controlling.

Key Features

  • Virtual warehouse helps manage/control warehouse inventory. Planning all warehouses can be done at a single point with 3D visual.

  • System-guided put away

  • Automatic invoice generating and billing cycle notification

  • Document tracking for stock movement control

  • Financial management module for 3PL which supports various fee calculation methods such as by carton or weight, storage fee, handling fee

  • Support Barcode and RFID

  • Support Multi-warehouse

  • Support Lot/batch and serial number management support

  • Support pick by FIFO, LIFO, and FEFO

  • Support item reservation or define items not allowed for picking

  • Support Cross Docking

  • Interface with SAP Business One:

    • Use item master data, customer master data and vendor master data from SAP Business One

    • Use purchase order data and/or sales order data from SAP Business One for goods receiving and dispatch process in Kasco WMS

    • Support automatic transfer of goods receiving and dispatch data from Kasco WMS to SAP Business One

Business Benefits

  • Reduce dependency on a single employee. Other employees can handle the tasks, although unfamiliar with the goods stored.

  • Reduce human error

  • Maintain profitability because it helps save time and provides better control of inventory aging

  • Optimize your warehouse space and increase cost-effectiveness of your resource allocation

  • Speedy procurement and replenishment

If you would like to boost your warehouse or distribution center’s performance, Kasco WMS is your answer. Please contact us to schedule a demo or request for more information by